Uniquely Able to Address the Industry’s Mounting Challenges

Large volumes of remote channel transactions, increased criminal sophistication, global regulations and strict budgetary constraints have made cost-effective, cross-channel risk management a top priority for retail banks worldwide. XXX enables institutions to readily address these evolving demands so they are able to:

  • Use to monitor payment systems across the enterprise
  • Assists with detecting money laundering and prevent fraud across multiple channels, payment methods and account types in true real-time
  • Use to trigger alerts and report across financial crime areas
  • Have integrated processes for structured case management


Lower operational costs by up to 40% (based on client case study)

Minimize implementation, training, maintenance and support costs with a single platform that addresses enterprise-wide risk management needs. Lower IT costs with seamless data integration that unifies disparate legacy risk management silos.


Reduce losses from increasingly sophisticated, cross-channel attacks

Thwart savvy criminals with a holistic view of activity across channels, account and transaction types. Metavante, DBS and many more Actimize cross-channel fraud prevention clients, share customer and account profiles in a unified system to more accurately pinpoint online, phone, ATM and other types of multi-channel attacks.


Prevent payment risk with real-time detection

Leverage proven payment-focused processing for wires, ACH, online and more. Ensure comprehensive protection with payment system integration adaptors, smart payment data extraction, true real-time decisioning and blocking, self-learning detection logic and auto-correction of messages.


Sopica Solutions for the Retail Banking Industry

Built on a single, shared risk platform, Sopica's technology enables clients to consolidate financial crime monitoring and case management activities across the organization.

Fraud Prevention

Supports your IT solutions to detect and prevent fraud enterprise-wide. Sopica's data analytics is able to interogate and extract data from key data sources for areas such as remote banking, ATM/Debit Card, wire and ACH payments, deposit etc. This will help you to detect more fraud with fewer false positives.

Anti-Money Laundering

Integrated capabilities, including the running of complex bespoke detection algorithms to support customer due diligence, watch list/sanctions filtering, and suspicious activity and transaction monitoring. The solutions can be configured to perform fuzzy logic or even heuristic based calculations to monitor payments activity for all your banking products.

Enterprise Risk Management

Structured process management - supports you comprehensive case management needs. Our software is a platform that supports unifying your financial crime and information security needs to ingest, aggregate, investigate and manage cases and issues across the entire organization. Extracts data, runs calculations and reports for centralized SAR filing, workflow enforcement and a true holistic customer view.

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