Financial Services

In today’s fast changing landscape, real-time intelligence can mean the difference between millions of dollars lost or earned. But how can you stay informed in Real-Time without spending your whole reasearch budget? Let Sopica show you, with our powerful suite of patented Deep Web Intelligence solutions.

We have a solution for your budget, no matter how big or small your organization is. Want to easily monitor news sites, specific competitor websites, or groups of national and regional media? Try the thin-client simplicity of our Deep Data and Web Analytics and Monitor.

Looking to develop an in-depth archive of intelligence on your competitor? Our Deep Analytical Services are the answer.

Sopica solutions let you automate your research efforts, freeing up resources and time. Our keyword alerts are delivered right to your inbox, which means you’ll never miss that one critical detail you need.

  • Monitor websites you define in Real-Time
  • Receive alerts to new content or changes to existing content
  • Flag individuals for specific tracking and monitoring
  • Automation dramatically improves efficiency
  • Take control of your research with our powerful, automated solutions. Visit our Solutions page, to pick the right tool for your needs. Or, contact us directly and our product experts will help you decide.

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