Why Sopica?

Sopica. is a privately owned company based in London, UK.

Since our founding, we have provided advanced financial technology products and services to thousands of professional traders, brokerages, trading firms and renowned governmental and non-profit institutions in various countries.

Our top financial institution clients have included Lloyds Bank, RBS, Bear-Stearns and ETrade. Whilst our Data Analytics product has been bought by clients in various markets, and our 3D Game platform by independent game developers.

Why Choose Us?

1. Because Sopica is a data, IT Security consultancy and financial software company first and foremost. Our solutions are derived from our many years of experience in the financial software industry. Our products and services are provided by UK based engineers. Our game engine uses cutting edge 3D technology.

2. Because we offer innovative solutions that exceed the requirements of the finance industry as well as other markets. Our solutions are engineered to stand the rigorous use and abuse. Clients benefit from our many years of experience.

3. We pride ourselves on our highly available product support service based in the UK but operating globally. You will never be redirected to an outsourced support team and you will never be stuck with a problem that can't be solved.

4. We can work with your company to provide a customizable solution. We understand that what's right for your company may not be right for the next. That's why our solutions are designed to be customizable from the very start.

5. We are committed to your success. In the spirit of a true partnership, we strive to build valuable, long-term relationships with our clients. We will contribute to your success with accurate and timely service and highly available technical support.


  • We're an established and reliable company.
  • We offer solutions designed for data analytics, trading and game development
  • We're flexible. Our solutions are customisable.
  • We provide a highly available technical support service.
  • We're committed to your success whether as a trader, in marketing/sales or game developer.

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