Performance Improvement Scenario

As part of a major European professional services firm with a focus on operational change, we have consultants to call upon across our key locations. Our Performance Improvement work assisted a global bank client through significant ‘transformational' projects.

This type of project or major programme involved the adoption of new processes and controls; the design and implementation of new business models, or organisational restructuring to help achieve business objectives and performance results.

The Sopica's approach to performance improvement was delivered by our seasoned professionals with deep experience in process and controls design, organisational design, IT management and risk management. The project was completed within budget and on time.


Sopica Improvement work has three key characteristics:

1. Transformation is guided by a robust process, helping to ensure strategic alignment, business-case based decision-making and measured results

2. Business risk is mitigated through improved planning and experienced piloting

3. Once the processes are in place, regression is countered by our ongoing performance monitoring process

Whilst a tried and tested methodology is at the heart of what we do, there is an inevitable need to be pragmatic in the face of a particular client context. Our clients, many of whom have used Sopica on a repeat basis, have particularly valued our sensitivity to issues and our ability to engage with a wide variety of stakeholders. This is seen as a key differentiator from other consultancies using relatively junior and inexperienced teams on site. Our aim throughout is to minimise the risks to the project whilst ensuring that the intended benefits are realised.

With UK based Associates Sopica is well positioned to support large and complex programmes through to more localised improvement plans. Our ability to scale delivery teams and at a blended Associate and permanent consultant rate - whilst still underwriting the quality of the delivery - sets Sopica apart from the audit-based advisory firms. We consult, advise and deliver.


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