Managing Change Successfully

As human beings we live with change constantly so why do so many organisations struggle to deliver change effectively?

Our extensive experience of assisting organisations to manage complex change has shown us that it is not the changes in themselves that people and organisations have problems with it's the failure to manage change effectively that is the problem. Too often the programme is a self -serving activity divorced from the implications it has for the organisation over the long term.

Our experience shows that this is often caused when organisations incorrectly mistake competent progress monitoring for managing change successfully. This is not the case. Whilst close and focused management of progress is a given for successful programme completion managing change goes far beyond the narrow confines of tasks/resources etc. Successful change requires the recognition, scaling, scoping and management of a number of factors both measurable and emotional.

In delivering complex change programmes across the whole range of Financial Services organisations in the UK and in Europe we have utilised an approach that combines progress and risk management with the ability to transition the business effectively and successfully by:

  • Senior Executive endorsement and understanding of the anticipated corporate journey
  • Understanding the drivers of change
  • Understanding the commercial and business context
  • Identifying the cultural impact and the activities required to manage this
  • Engaging with the stakeholders - these are not always obvious and may be active or passive
  • Defining the constraints of the change envisaged
  • Creating a communication plan that engages all impacted parties
  • Taking the organisation on the journey 

This approach is applicable regardless of the stimulus for change; it challenges the organisation to understand that transformation has to be engaged with corporately and individually as well as part of a ‘programme. Our consultants have an impressive record in achieving this engagement successfully.

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