Management team


JOhn smith

John has 25 years of entrepreneurial management and business development experience with a focus on bringing new technologies to market through “customer education”. 

Prior to his tenure at Sopica, Steve was a founding partner of an early-stage Venture Capital innvested firm, out of London. The firm focused on Consulting business services,in areas such as IT, Security and Compliance Regulations. He has served as a“Sherpa” guide helping Sopica to realize it goals in these areas.

For much of the ‘90s, Steve served as one of the executive officers for a London based middled sized firm involved with world leading data and systems products. He was previously responsible for product development, sales & marketing, customer and distributor training programs, along with direct responsibility for 86 independent distributorships in 36 countries.

He has also served in numerous national management, sales, training, and quality (TQM) roles including serving as a regional and national sales trainer (SPIN), and was a certified Total Quality Management manager.

Timothy Collister

Tim Collister, now a private consultant, served most recently served as Director of the Information Awareness Office (IAO) for a medium investment and trading organisation.

In this role he developed and demonstrated information technologies and systems to counter asymmetric threats by achieving total information awareness useful for preemption, centralised security warning, monitoring and security decision-making. He has a background in Compliance and Regulations of payments. He also serves on the Board of Directors o a Cloud Technology firm, an innovative computer software company that produces associative memory applications.

Steven Kirby

Steve Kirby has a background is in Gaming and Multi-Media.

In various roles has served as a technology adviser of the development of new sofware platorms and products for mobile phones and game consoles.

In this role he developed and demonstrated world leading gaming technologies and systems. He has operated in an adviser and mentoring capacity for our technical development team.

He has also served at the Board level of various start up organisations pioneering cutting edge game development platforms and tools. He has a wealth of knowledge and experiance in this area with having been a developer of 8-bit early computer games in the 1980s.

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