Exceptional talent at the heart of finance

Sopica is a business and technology consultancy with extensive experience with financial services clients. We help companies

  • Understand their business and plan for growth
  • Identify where technology can improve processes and results
  • Deliver technology and align processes in a reasonable timeframe and at a reasonable cost
  • Identify ROI and benefit from superior results through our global consulting exposure
Sopica is a consultancy and software developer focusing on providing superior service in commercial due diligence, investment appraisal and strategic market analysis. We have worked together with some of the largest and most established private equity and consultancy houses in London.
Our approach is to quickly and accurately assess your requirements and then focus on building a picture of the current market and especially the future for your industry or investment opportunity. We do this by analysing existing research and more importantly speaking to the market to get their views. We then build a common sense forecast of where we believe the market is headed in the next 3-4 years so you can make accurate decisions as to whether the investment or strategy is appropriate.

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