Banking and Trading

In the current climate, banks are striving for improved cost efficiencies and increased fee income. The battle for profitable customer relationships has now been joined by retailers and non-traditional payment firms threatening to dis-intermediate banks.

This manifests itself in:

  • A greater focus on risk management and capital efficiency
  • Greater use of data analytics to identify key profit pools
  • Push to innovate in products and channels, harnessing Social CRM

Sopica has worked with major retail banking groups since it was founded and our key propositions in this field consist of:

  • Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Fraud - in a single and consistent view utilising powerful analytical tools and visualisation methods to deliver actionable results
  • Big Data analysis - a cut through the mystique and hyperbole around customer insights working in conjunction with key software partners on propensity modelling
  • Mobile technology - meeting the challenge of multiple operating systems and multiple devices through a single platform to deliver cost reduction and speed to market
  • Social media - from developing strategies and policies through to the pro-active development of online communities and reputation management
  • Performance improvement - from process control and cost reduction through to capacity management and skills analysis, honing operating models into practical realities

Our work also encompasses commercial banking operations including:

  • Trading platform analysis and specification
  • Vendor selection processes
  • International implementation programmes

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