Asset Management

Whilst Institutional and Retail asset management are typically considered separately in fund management firms, there is a degree of convergence that is being driven both by regulatory change and the move from defined benefit (DB) to defined contribution (DC) pension provision.

The impact of the RDR and the removal of platform rebates is one example of the former, with institutional type share classes now emerging in relation to retail funds. Examples of the latter include a migration to index tracking funds and ETFs, and the rationalisation of the active fund management industry.

With significant pressure on both the level and transparency of management fees, as well as on related activities, fund managers and their service providers are seeing margins compressed. Outsourcing; solution innovation; product rationalisation and process change are all in evidence as the industry seeks to acclimatise to a new market environment.

Sopica's experience and key propositions relate directly to the key issues being experienced by our clients in this sector. Our current consultancy solution portfolio includes;

  • Alternative distribution development - harnessing the strategic potential of the changing retirement saving market and the decumulation phase through innovative workplace propositions. Our team has a unique combination of skills in the Corporate market
  • Fund and service proposition launches - enabling and supporting the launch of new products internationally, from support in developing business cases through to management of the delivery of new operating models and the processes and technologies that support these.
  • Front Office and Channel process change - improving the governance of marketing collateral, performance data and multiple-channel distribution through managed services and automation 
  • Systems implementation - platform design, configuration and development ranging from large package solutions such as Murex and Calypso, through to novel direct-to-consumer trading front-end applications and supporting tools
  • Project and programme management - supporting implementation of outsourcing deals; product development; go-to-market implementation and cost-out exercises
  • Risk management - support in credit and other financial risk areas with supporting implementation resources
  • Market research - desk and primary research drawing upon a wide international contact network including BEE Team connections across Europe

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