The outsourcing age

Global outsourcing is thriving. We believe the trend is not merely set to continue but to expand and diversify. Following relative tentative steps with non-business critical operations and services, our clients are increasingly seeking to leverage both outsourcing and offshoring in areas that would not have been previously considered.

Indeed for many businesses it has weathered a storm to emerge with the potential to provide attractive potential competitive advantages. It has the potential to deliver value well beyond cost savings but only if managed appropriately. We can facilitate this by assisting your operation to access new talent and capabilities without compromising quality or security. Maximising business model flexibility is the goal.

Nevertheless, taking such steps occasionally involves risk and presents challenges. We encounter clients seeking consultation on cost benefit justification (i.e., to create a business case articulating the benefits being measured and delivered) particularly where they have limited experience.

Nearly all are able to cite an instance of outsourcing that did not go well. This occasionally leads to a negative perception about the challenging aspects of the outsourcing life cycle. In such cases We work closely with our clients to ensure that they avoid their first inclination - to merely blame service providers when projects fail. We find the main cause of failure is poor collaboration between service providers and customers.

Such challenges are set to intensify as the growing complexity of outsourcing from changes in the customer/supplier relationship to the emergence of new stakeholders and new governance models. There is growing evidence that leading outsourcing customers and service providers are shifting from traditional to collaborative business models.

We can help you rise to the challenge of collaborative partnering.

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