Improving business performance

We have expertise in assisting organisations improve their business processes to deliver quantifiable financial savings. We have succeeded in delivering process improvement on some of the most major programmes using methodologies such as 6 Sigma and CMMI.

Organisations engage our performance improvement consultants to help design, manage and execute lasting change. We draw on skills in operations, people, technology, finance and risk management to advise and implement - locally and globally. We also help your people to build the knowledge necessary to make change effective and sustainable.

In particular Sopica can help you:

  • Ensure you are getting value from the right deals
  • Realise the intended benefits of outsourcing
  • Run sourcing from developing countries with the right locations and suppliers
  • Translate strategy into sustainable performance
  • Derive benefit from risk management and compliance spend
  • Capitalise on the convergence of technologies
  • Drive and manage growth

We really listen to you to understand your business issues.

We also have the courage to propose alternative points of view - based on independent and challenging insights, facts and industry benchmarks.

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