Consumers and businesses are pushing hard and fast to accelerate and incorporate technological changes. We have particular expertise in integrating enterprises with technology, people and processes. By being engaged to assist with requirements analysis for a greenfield project or to improve what is already in place we are able to assist you.

Our main focus is to participate in corporate strategies using systems to support end-to-end financial and business processes. We also have particular strengths with integrating electronic trading platforms in markets as diversified as forex and derivatives to back-end business processes. Indeed, connecting and aligning front with back-office is increasingly perceived as being a fundamental means of reducing operating costs and improving the quality of service delivery.

Although may be implemented in a context as diverse as Treasury, Settlements or the Sales Desk the root business drivers are usually the same. Moreover, our analysis reveals a dramatic rise in total spending across the converging sectors: communications, finance, and technology, creating a burst of innovation.

Successful companies harness the opportunities around convergence and translate them into value creation. We assist our clients in achieving their corporate strategy of nimbly managing change by fusing state-of-the-art technology and process with a clear vision of the future.

How Sopica can help with your business strategy

We are technology focused only when the brief requires it. Technology and innovation should never be contemplated in isolation of the business context. A new and open business model is the way to manage convergence, realise its potential and enable sustainable shareholder value. By using such an open business model, Sopica can help you:

  • Realise new revenue opportunities without leaking profit
  • Integrate acquisitions rapidly without sacrificing value
  • Meet current commitments without compromising on going forward
  • Understand consumers without getting lost in data
  • Open up infrastructure and maintain security
  • Create open partnerships while protecting intellectual property
  • Drive new innovations while managing risk

Whether it's developing and understanding new platforms, integrating business processes, managing the value of new alliances, rights management, revenue assurance, transaction support, analytics, or other issues you are currently facing, we can help.

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