Business optimisation

Some of our clients have no prior experience of business change management. But shareholders are becoming increasingly demanding, so maximising the value that can be captured from initiatives is crucial. Such forces lead them to engaging us to assist with diverse briefs to help merge and align business operations.

Moreover, the frequency of cross-border transactions is also growing. Globalisation presents both new challenges and opportunities. But above all the marketplace has aligned itself to an increasingly connected and virtual business environment. As a consequence best practises have had to respond. This is particularly where opportunities involve two-way traffic, as with companies based in China, India and other emerging countries. In a connected world, it is as vital to understand national and regional differences as it is corporate differences in culture.

How Sopica can help you

We offer a business assurance and advisory services. This tends to involve working closely with our clients advisers and management. We’re also able to call on our extensive industry knowledge to ensure you approach negotiations with confidence to close the most competitive deal.

We can help you:

  • Find the best targets, and analyse their strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify synergies and potential opportunities for improvement
  • Negotiate the best terms
  • Draft agreements
  • Manage the post-deal integration process – when it is essential to retain business continuity by stabilising the newly acquisition
  • Identify moribund collateral - non-core assets and services to be sold off or decommissioned
  • Make major changes to realise improvements in long-term performance

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