October 2013

Examples of Our Impact

Direct to Consumer Strategy Review

At the direction of our client we can perform an initial evaluation of developing a direct to consumer offering based around the creation of a target market consumer community. This tends to involve a high-level followed by detailed gap analysis between Current Operating Model (COM) and the "to-be" Target Operation Model (TOM). This enables a detailed impact assessment and a change management role, working closely with Business Owners, SMEs and technical leads.

In anticipation of moving into full scale development we have also been engaged to undertake a short, sharp external challenge review of the thinking to date and planned activity. Some assignments have been completed and delivered in 3 months, whilst also balancing the undoubted advantages of utilising a community to build valuable long term customer relationships against the challenge of re-shaping the organisation's brand, culture and skills to be capable of building such a community. The information, analysis and risk profile we presented allowed them to re-assess the suitability and appropriateness of the planned community/digital initiative and the associated significant investment.

The result was a decision to revise their approach and focus on strategic developments based more closely on their current in-house competencies, experience and skills with a view to re-visiting the community concept some time in the future.

Direct to Consumer Response Example

Our client, one of the UK's largest banks engaged Sopica, following their merger with another bank, to help shape its response to the challenge presented by the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) and Corporate Distribution Review (CDR). 

Leveraging its extensive experience in financial planning tools and workplace marketing, Sopica was instrumental in helping the client to develop its response - a web based regulated, guided choice digital financial service for consumers. We worked closely with the client to take the proposition from initial concept to prototype and ultimately launch. Sopica fulfilled both an advisory and an implementation role - fielding strategists, designers and developers; orchestrating third-party suppliers and supporting the stakeholder management, vital to ultimately realising an innovative personal financial management service.

The new platform was successfully launched in October to wide acclaim from industry and consumer alike.

Digital Community Build

Our client had ambitions to re-shape its market positioning and consumer offer based upon the changes in consumer behaviour driven by digital communications. This ambition was wide ranging and multi-faceted and their major Executive challenge was moving from idea generation to the creation and delivery of a cohesive and coherent target model. Our role was to support them in this process bringing an innovative approach that combined elements of traditional governance with free flowing creativity.

The result was the identification of a target model capable of delivering their ambition but flexible enough to leverage the digital ‘listen, learn, adapt' philosophy. In addition we created a mechanism, structure and resources to deliver the target and allowed the organisation to learn and develop in line with it.

Trade Finance IT Selection

A global bank's Investment Bank's division engaged us to assist in the development and delivery of a re-platforming strategy for its global Trade & Finance operation. Using our extensive experience and market knowledge we designed and led a process which identified the most suitable solution.

The result was a broad vendor list, a streamlined assessment approach and an overall de-risked selection process focused on the clients key business drivers.

Digital Payment Strategy Development

A leading Insurance firm engaged us to look at their credit card platforms and processes. This was necessary in order to impact for PCI DSS card and payments provider needed to urgently create a strategic response to the emergent impact of digital consumer payments. Such an innovative area draws input from a variety of stakeholders and we were engaged to assist in clarifying their thinking and develop a robust proposition design and delivery plan.

Utilising our structured approach we synthesised a plethora of inputs (corporate, Group, leadership team, influencers etc.) into a coherent proposition with a clear three-to-five year delivery roadmap.

Multi-country Strategic Assessment

A prestigious Investment bank wished to rationalise & harmonise its cards and payments strategy and portfolio within three global markets - Europe, Asia and USA. Our structured process allowed them to quickly assess and assimilate performance to date, consumer insight and the competitive marketplace to design the target product portfolio, common target segments and harmonised product value proposition per segment across the three markets.


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Why Sopica?

Sopica. is a privately owned company based in London, UK.

Since our founding, we have provided advanced financial technology products and services to thousands of professional traders, brokerages, trading firms and renowned governmental and non-profit institutions in various countries.

Our top financial institution clients have included Lloyds Bank, RBS, Bear-Stearns and ETrade. Whilst our Data Analytics product has been bought by clients in various markets, and our 3D Game platform by independent game developers.

Why Choose Us?

1. Because Sopica is a data, IT Security consultancy and financial software company first and foremost. Our solutions are derived from our many years of experience in the financial software industry. Our products and services are provided by UK based engineers. Our game engine uses cutting edge 3D technology.

2. Because we offer innovative solutions that exceed the requirements of the finance industry as well as other markets. Our solutions are engineered to stand the rigorous use and abuse. Clients benefit from our many years of experience.

3. We pride ourselves on our highly available product support service based in the UK but operating globally. You will never be redirected to an outsourced support team and you will never be stuck with a problem that can't be solved.

4. We can work with your company to provide a customizable solution. We understand that what's right for your company may not be right for the next. That's why our solutions are designed to be customizable from the very start.

5. We are committed to your success. In the spirit of a true partnership, we strive to build valuable, long-term relationships with our clients. We will contribute to your success with accurate and timely service and highly available technical support.


  • We're an established and reliable company.
  • We offer solutions designed for data analytics, trading and game development
  • We're flexible. Our solutions are customisable.
  • We provide a highly available technical support service.
  • We're committed to your success whether as a trader, in marketing/sales or game developer.

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Banking and Trading

In the current climate, banks are striving for improved cost efficiencies and increased fee income. The battle for profitable customer relationships has now been joined by retailers and non-traditional payment firms threatening to dis-intermediate banks.

This manifests itself in:

  • A greater focus on risk management and capital efficiency
  • Greater use of data analytics to identify key profit pools
  • Push to innovate in products and channels, harnessing Social CRM

Sopica has worked with major retail banking groups since it was founded and our key propositions in this field consist of:

  • Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Fraud - in a single and consistent view utilising powerful analytical tools and visualisation methods to deliver actionable results
  • Big Data analysis - a cut through the mystique and hyperbole around customer insights working in conjunction with key software partners on propensity modelling
  • Mobile technology - meeting the challenge of multiple operating systems and multiple devices through a single platform to deliver cost reduction and speed to market
  • Social media - from developing strategies and policies through to the pro-active development of online communities and reputation management
  • Performance improvement - from process control and cost reduction through to capacity management and skills analysis, honing operating models into practical realities

Our work also encompasses commercial banking operations including:

  • Trading platform analysis and specification
  • Vendor selection processes
  • International implementation programmes

Asset Management

Whilst Institutional and Retail asset management are typically considered separately in fund management firms, there is a degree of convergence that is being driven both by regulatory change and the move from defined benefit (DB) to defined contribution (DC) pension provision.

The impact of the RDR and the removal of platform rebates is one example of the former, with institutional type share classes now emerging in relation to retail funds. Examples of the latter include a migration to index tracking funds and ETFs, and the rationalisation of the active fund management industry.

With significant pressure on both the level and transparency of management fees, as well as on related activities, fund managers and their service providers are seeing margins compressed. Outsourcing; solution innovation; product rationalisation and process change are all in evidence as the industry seeks to acclimatise to a new market environment.

Sopica's experience and key propositions relate directly to the key issues being experienced by our clients in this sector. Our current consultancy solution portfolio includes;

  • Alternative distribution development - harnessing the strategic potential of the changing retirement saving market and the decumulation phase through innovative workplace propositions. Our team has a unique combination of skills in the Corporate market
  • Fund and service proposition launches - enabling and supporting the launch of new products internationally, from support in developing business cases through to management of the delivery of new operating models and the processes and technologies that support these.
  • Front Office and Channel process change - improving the governance of marketing collateral, performance data and multiple-channel distribution through managed services and automation 
  • Systems implementation - platform design, configuration and development ranging from large package solutions such as Murex and Calypso, through to novel direct-to-consumer trading front-end applications and supporting tools
  • Project and programme management - supporting implementation of outsourcing deals; product development; go-to-market implementation and cost-out exercises
  • Risk management - support in credit and other financial risk areas with supporting implementation resources
  • Market research - desk and primary research drawing upon a wide international contact network including BEE Team connections across Europe




So-Mega ENGINE® 3 is a fast, high-end renderer used by game developers and movie studios, with new features specifically designed for console


Characters and faces are becoming features of almost all modern AAA title and Sopica are passionate of the quest to improve and develop

AI System

Realistically rendered and animated characters require state of the art AI systems to intelligently respond to the game environment


So-Mega ENGINE® 3 physics can be applied to almost everything in a game world, including buildings, props, trees and vegetation


The benchmarks set for graphics performance and quality are matched by the performance and quality of the more

Stereoscopic 3D

Sopica has developed an innovative solution to the challenge of rendering high quality S-3D without significant performance


The sound system in So-Mega ENGINE® 3 offers many features and improvements with its data-driven concept which guaranties 


So-Mega ENGINE® 3 Sandbox™ gives developers full control over their multi-platform creations in real-time. It features many improved more


Sopica is setting the benchmark for engine support, delivering the best experience to developers to match more

Product Downloads and Updates:

So-Mega Engine 3


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.NET based, manual & automated trading and testing financial platform

The entire platform is designed to be configured and further developed according to the client environment. We provide bespoke services to the trading entity (be it a person, or a machine).

The integration is to make an application flexible enough so that all forms of trading can be accommodated in it, with a preference towards automated (machine) and semi-automated (human - machine, or machine assisted manual trading) systems. 

The platform is geared more to be a "user side" solution, rather than simply "broker side" meaning it aims to ease and empower the end user allowing him or her to select the best conditions for his trading.

Give So-Trader a try to see what it's all about.


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