About Us

For over ten years, Sopica have been pioneers in Deep Data and IT Security Intelligence.

We have the fastest, most powerful tools and services available to help you create new intelligence. Our patented technology is the definitive answer to the challenge of harvesting Big Data from internal systems and the web.

We also provide a consultancy service that specialises in Financial Services:

  • IT Security including regulatory compliance requirements such as PCI DSS.
  • Electronic payments processing and systems.
  • Trading platforms.
  • Over the years we also happened to have engineered a world leading cutting engine 3D game engine platform that we license for game development.

    We have the capability, specialised in by seperate teams to provide you with the following consultancy services:

    1. Financial Services IT Security including requirements for regulatory compliance such as AML, Sanctions, technology, card schemes etc. Whatever your bespoke requirement is, we can assist you with your data, IT systems and business processes.

    2. Payments systems, processes and protocols such as SWIFT, FIX, BACS, card scheme rules etc.

    3. Deep data analytics focused on IT Security, Data and Business Intelligence through a process of  investigating and analysis of IT systems, business processes and data. 

    3. Developing new or updated business processes, as required, whether they be for financial/payments regulations or for your Target Operating Model. 

    We make it our business to provide access to the valuable, untapped resources that lie beneath the surface for deep research and analysis. Our patented, proprietary solutions deliver Intelligence capabilities that far outstrip any other currently available technologies.

    We can license to you the following:

    1. A comprehensive, integrated Data Mining and Business Intelligence solution (So-Rapid).

    2. An advanced 3D game engine and/or SDK in order to develop and sell the most impressive computer games (So-Mega Engine).

    3. A Windows based Trading application in order to run advanced Metatrader MT4 trading strategies of forex, equities and indicies (So-Trader)



    Please contact us to learn more about our innovative solutions, our services, and our unique approach to either use our consultative service or license one of our products.

    To find out more about our services or to contact us please contact us.

    Based in London, Sopica is the best firm for merging your business and technology needs. 

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